Innovation in Precision Agriculture

Our Precision Agriculture concept

Precision agriculture is different if we consider
perennial crops (fruits, grapevine...) or annual field crops.
Specific solutions exist in both cases.

Precision Viticulture Video

The video gives more information but you can see the following animated gif
to have a hint about how we can help in vineyards as a first step.


This drawing does not necessarily represent your precise situation but presents the general idea behind high vigor. High vigor due to soil "Plant Available Water" most of the time cannot account for vigor responsible for low quality fruit, there just cannot be enough water for providing this high vigor; the only responsible situation is this one :


Simply put, there are zones in vineyards which have the same soil texture but differ in plant vigor response. If the texture is not responsible, it is the structure, hence perched water tables. This has not been thought of before simply because no water betrays it at ground level. We humans have difficulties to apprehend things we do not visually perceive.

For all precision agriculture projects, the most important points in our proposed solutions are :

- we consider as efficient a 3 to 4 year precision agriculture project,

Once important factors have been identified and corrected, several seasons are required to fine-tune the applied solutions which depend on meteorological events.

- the primary factor we consider is water,

In situations of irrigation or not, drainage evaluation is important for yields (and quality in the case of grapevine) and pathogen control !

Water is the carrier of everything to the plant and is its only defense against drought ... It is the most important factor for the plant.

- our intervention is site-adapted and involves various technologies

First we measure factors we consider as relevant depending on ground-truthing and farmer's experience of his land. We then use various technologies to act locally (ex : vertical drainage, variable inputs).


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But beware that your site is unique and requires a specific approach if you want your precision agriculture project to be efficient.
We provide site-specific consulting with the highest chances of increased ROI.


We apply the Concept-knowledge theory to precision agriculture matters.


This gives us a clear advantage in the innovations we can propose.


Knowledge has to come from a multi-disciplinary approach.


We integrate carefully selected data in our precision agriculture projects.